Conference Agenda
Thursday, February 15, 2018
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain Trailblazers
Organizations and consortia across industries are rapidly looking to unleash the exponential business value of blockchain technologies. Early adopters have already identified key benefits from blockchains including cost, immutability, transparency and new business models. Learn how these blockchain trailblazers have partnered to design, develop and rapidly adopt digital ledgers, digital identity, trust and transparency with Blockchain.
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain 101
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain Panel Session in Development
According to Gartner, the primary goal of all UC solutions is to improve user productivity and to enhance the business processes related to communications and collaboration. The question is, do UC solutions actually enhance business processes, or are they merely a complicated, unreliable, expensive add-on to the PBX that doesn’t deliver the necessary ROI? Is UC the answer to business success? Are other alternatives more likely to deliver business results? What is the real value of UC and how should you use it to grow your business?
Thursday - 2/15/18
Telco Blockchain
Blockchain, The underpinning technology behind popular virtual currencies, have great features, like transparency and immutability. This session explores technology fundamental and how a communication provider can take advantage of the technology and empower customer with various value added service like identity, money transfers, billing, roaming, KYC and others.
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain Panel Session in Development
Thursday - 2/15/18
Lunch Break
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain Panel Session in Development
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain Session in Development
Thursday - 2/15/18
How Bitcoin Made an 18-Year-Old a Millionaire
As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, this session will provide insight into how a now-18-year-old bitcoin millionaire and entrepreneur turned a $1,000 gift from his grandmother into $100,000 by the age of 15. The focus will include obstacles experienced in the bitcoin world as well as current regulatory issues and political viewpoints, and trends and projections for 2018 in regard to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general. With a unique perspective on bitcoin, the session will also address the potential for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to impact society on a broader scale and how it will relate to other technologies in roboticcs, aerospace, security, military.
Thursday - 2/15/18
Blockchain Innovation Case Studies
As the opportunity presented by Blockchain technology becomes more widely recognized, it’s uses cases are widening into a variety of markets. This session will discuss several new Blockchain implementations, their development, and their impact on market participants.
Thursday - 2/15/18
General Session
IDEA Showcase: Startup Pitch Networking Event & Reception
  General Session
Thursday - 2/15/18
The Blockchain Event / ITEXPO Party at The Atlantic Hotel
Thursday - 2/15/18
The Blockchain Event / ITEXPO Exhibit Hall Open
Friday, February 16, 2018
Friday - 2/16/18
The Blockchain Event / ITEXPO Exhibit Hall Open
Friday - 2/16/18
Data Security in the Age of Bitcoin
Though blockchains are reportedly more secure that other transactional databases, there has been no shortage of hacking efforts – some successful, others not. What security implications are inherent with blockchains and cryptocurrency? How will blockchain technology advance security as it becomes more prevalent?
Friday - 2/16/18
Big Data and Blockchains
As blockchain applications and uses cases evolve, the next logical step is blockchain analytics. This session will discuss how big data and data science can be used to analyze blockchain applications, both from a perspective of analyzing the sequence of transactions in a ledger of transactions as well as analyzing the peer-to-peer network that is used to achieve consensus.
Friday - 2/16/18
Blockchain in the Enterprise
Most people have heard of Bitcoin, and may also know that blockchain is one of the underlying concepts behind this cryptocurrency. However, what does this mean for the broader enterprise? How can technologies related to blockchain be applied in various verticals, and what does this mean for traditional database-centric approaches? How are technology trends such as microservices and APIs related? This session will discuss how blockchain and associated concepts, such as distributed ledgers and smart contracts, will impact businesses.
Friday - 2/16/18
ICOs: The Next Wave of Investing
The rise of cryptocurrencies has given rise to a new financing mechanism, Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs, of course, can be used for several legitimate purposes, including startup funding and corporate financing, but also provides fertile ground for questionable funding activity and total fraud. This session examines cryptocurrency investment from early ICOs to regulation to the impact ICOs will have going forward.