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Speaker Schedule

Jeremy Jordan-Jones

Chairman and CEO, Amalgam


A serial entrepreneur and creative with a thorough understanding of the mediums between business development, financial technology and creative media, Jeremy has served as the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amalgam since its inception in November of 2017. Jeremy has brought the firm from ideation to a company that has seen a peak price point of $4.52 per token (for a total market cap of $952 million), secured massive multi-year partnerships with organizations such as the Los Angeles Clippers, the United States Department of Defense, the US Air Force and more. Under Jeremy’s supervision, Amalgam currently processes over $6B per year in digital payments, offering borderless payment facilitation to global telecom and credit card processing companies. Having studied music production, engineering and management at Berklee College of music and then Economics at Harvard University, Jeremy earned the #1 spot on the 2018 Innovators Quarterly 40 Under 40 list, as well as the FiNext conferences Excellence in Financial Technology award for Zeo’s predecessor, AmalgamPay.


Chris Carr

DEI Consultant, BarkBox Inc.

Andre De Castro

Founder & CEO, Blockchain of Things

Blockchain of Things

Andre is a tech executive, software technologist, that majored in computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). In 2014 he envisioned implementing second layer technology coupled with the global Bitcoin blockchain to advance its capabilities for industrial applications. Andre’s early grasp of the once unrealized potential of blockchain technology led him to found Blockchain of Things, Inc., and drive the development of their premier product Catenis®. Catenis allows developers and corporations of all sizes to easily integrate with or build applications using the Bitcoin blockchain, leading to reduced costs while achieving more efficiency and military-grade security. Today Blockchain of Things provides evolutionary low-code drag-and-drop tools which is paving the way for blockchain enabled application adoption. As an advocate for the crypto industry, Mr. De Castro has worked with the Federal Government’s FinCEN division in creating more clarity on cryptocurrency policies. Today, he is solely credited for the Jan 30th, 2014 administrative ruling on software development and investment activities. Thus, opening up greater avenues for well-established corporations and startups to conduct cryptocurrency business in the United States.


Jason Bennick

CEO, Blockrails



Fred Brandon

CEO, Brand New Technologies

Brand New Technologies

As a technologist with over 20 years of IT experience, Fred has developed solutions and spoken atvarious venues internationally. As the founder of Brand New Technologies, he has consulted withsmall businesses in an array of areas including business automation, blockchain, travel, logistics, contentmanagement, and Microsoft 365 training. In addition to helping youth learn more about technology, healso teaches a blockchain course with Althash University, a global online program that focuses onblockchain technology. His best-selling book, Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Embracing aDigital Future, continues to be a great resource for introduction into the blockchain space.


Elizabeth Bieniek

Internal Startup Founder and Co-Founder, Webex Hologram, Cisco


Elizabeth Bieniek leads bleeding edge innovation for Ciscos Collaboration organization. Cisco Collaboration is a 5000 person, multi-billion dollar business that enables 300M people across the globe to work better together every day with Webex: messaging, meetings, calling, and AI/ML enriched hardware. Elizabeth is an active day dreamer, continually experimenting with combinations of ideas, people, and practices to find new ways of doing old things better, easier, and with a lot more fun. She focuses on the interface of people and emerging technology and how to make the lives of the former happier by efficiently and invisibly applying the latter. A problem-solver at heart, Elizabeth believes “impossible” just means no one’s done it yet. She relies on her previous experience in industries as varied as technology, art, publishing and education, as well as life and travel experience, to bring a unique flair to challenging conventional thinking and inspiring teams to achieve unprecedented results.


Silvio Pupo-Casco

Mayor’s Council on Global Competitiveness, City of Miami

City of Miami


Madisons Robert

Founder, Crypto Estate

Crypto Estate


Sheynel Smith

Director, Driftwood Group

Driftwood Group


Bob Reid

CEO & Co-Founder, Everest


Bob Reid is the CEO and Co-founder of Everest, a fintech company that leverages blockchaintechnologies and supplies end-to-end financial solutions, facilitating eKYC/AML, digital identityand regulatory compliance associated with money movement. Applications range from remoteonboarding, virtual account creation, and Everest-supplied services such as access tocryptocurrencies, cross-border payments and DeFi tools. Before founding Everest, Bob servedas the GM at BitTorrent, Partner at Kai Labs and a few silicon valley startups with two IPOs andtwo acquisitions.


Eugene Morozov

Founder, Everscale Network

Everscale Network


Daniel Uribe


In 2017, Daniel’s son was diagnosed with Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia, a rare genetic disorder that causes an abnormality of the platelets. As a concerned parent, he looked into all options that could provide more information about the disorder. Upon researching various at-home DNA kits, he discovered a number of problems with the way users DNA was being handled. He immediately started thinking about ways to provide security and transparency to people looking to have their DNA sequenced and to ethical researchers looking to comply with privacy regulations regarding the sequencing of this data. From there, the idea for was formed. Daniel Uribe, Co-Founder, and CEO has over 15 years of extensive experience in Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, over 4 of which are in Blockchain & Bioinformatics. He Holds a Bs. Electronics Engineering, MBA from IPADE Business School, and has completed executive programs at Stanford GSB and Singularity University.


Heather Dahl


Heather C. Dahl is the co-founder and CEO of Through her vision and leadership, Indicio has become a global leader in decentralized identity, launching a blockchain-based distributed network on five continents, creating the first implementation of a complete ecosystem for sharing privacy-preserving digital health credentials, which was donated to Linux Foundation Public Health for use by public health agencies across the world, and developing a series of innovations in software to manage identity and data sharing.Dahl is a pioneer in data privacy and security. During her tenure at Neustar, she led the research team that developed the idea of decentralization as a solution to online security. As CEO of Sovrin, she led the foundation through its most significant period of growth, which at its height saw over 80 companies and organizations support the Sovrin Foundation.Previously, Dahl was a newsroom leader in broadcasting and public radio, and was elected by her peers to Chair the Congressional Correspondents Association. She also Chaired the Board of the National Press Foundation, where she led that organization’s digital transformation.Dahl began her career in the U.S. Senate in the Office of Sen. Gordon Smith. She received her BA from Willamette University in 1995, her MSC from Columbia University in 1998, and her MBA from Johns Hopkins University in 2008.


John DeLozier

President, Intelisys


John DeLozier serves as President of Intelisys, a ScanSource company. In this role, John oversees all aspects of the business, including sales, supplier services, operations and marketing, with a focus on growing partner and supplier relationships. He is also responsible for the development and evolution of Intelisys’ strategy, as well as innovative programs and tools to allow for enhanced partner insights and growth opportunities. John has worked with ScanSource for more than 20 years as both a partner and a supplier. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales for 8X8. Prior to that, he served in leadership positions at CenturyLink, Unify and Virsae. He also spent nearly 20 years at Arrow System Integration, after selling the system integration company he co-founded, ACT, to Cross Telecom, which was later acquired by Arrow Electronics.


Vinod Jain

Senior Analyst, JainAite-Novarica Group

Mark Volchek

Founding Partner, Las Olas Ventures

Ash Bassili

CEO, myLaminin


Ash is the Founder & CEO of myLaminin, a Blockchain-enabled documentsharing, and verification service. Ash brings a rich global experience base inemerging technology delivery, and significant leadership experience, havingserved in Big 4 management roles at the Partner level at both PwC LLP inAustralia and EY LLP in Ottawa, Canada. Ash has a BSc Hons Life Sciencesfrom Queen’s University, a MSc in Information Technology from JohnsHopkins University, and a Certificate in Blockchain Technologies from MITSloan School of Management.Our current methods of document sharing are at best inconvenient andinsecure. Email and cloud-based data storage services are dated andinefficient methods. The myLaminin platform transforms this critical functionby delivering the most secure methods available today to deliver the nextgeneration document sharing paradigm. myLaminin is designed to giveindividuals, businesses, and governments greater security, convenience, andcontrol over the sharing of important documents and credentials.For organizations, myLaminin delivers massive operational efficiencies andreduced fraud, while 3rd parties benefit from 100% assurance of documentauthenticity.


John Riley

VP of Business & Government Services, Orion Innovations

Orion Innovations

John Riley III is the VP of Gov’t Services at Orion Innovations. He has over 23 years of experience in the software applications space working for companies like Oracle and SAP. He has primarily worked in the consulting services sector, assisting organizations with their software implementations, business process changes, digital transformation initiatives, and end-user adoption training. He’s been working and consulting with companies in the Blockchain technology space since 2018. John is also a U.S. Marine war veteran.


Brandon Ginsberg

CEO, Palm Tree NFT

Palm Tree NFT

Brandon Ginsberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Palm Tree NFT, South Floridas first physical NFT gallery and services company based in Palm Beach County, leveraging over a decade of cryptocurrency experience to help brands explore exciting opportunities in the metaverse. He is also the CEO of ApparelMagic, the industry’s top apparel management software favored by multinational fashion brands and niche labels alike. Brandon has been featured in Forbes, a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and is an engaged South Florida Tech Hub community member.


John Dean Markunas

Principal Consultant, Power of Chain (PoC)

Power of Chain (PoC)


Steven McCaffrey

Senior Managing Partner, Provinti


Steven McCaffrey has spent 30 years in the financial services technology industry starting out as a systems application programmer and migrating to a becoming a highly sought network engineer. He then made the jump to technology management where he eventually became a Managing Director for Bank of America and Citigroup for multiple banking technology applications including risk, front end trading, large scale infrastructure, retail and commercial banking, and investment banking technologies. Mr. McCaffrey has been at First Data for the last 5 years, running their Sales and Service, IVR/Telecom/Call Center, and marketing technology teams.


Jeff Cooperstein

Strategic Account Executive, R3

Pradeep Goel

CEO, Solve.Care Foundation

Solve.Care Foundation

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care, has extensive expertise in blockchain, finance, technology and healthcare. He has been in the CEO, COO, CIO and CTO roles at various insurance, technology and healthcare companies over the last 30+ years. Pradeep was deeply involved in designing and building solutions for public programs such as Medicaid eligibility and enrollment, children health insurance program administration, Medicare claims, SNAP/TANF administration and payments, child Welfare program administration, and many others. Pradeep worked with the healthcare initiatives of the both the Bush and Obama administration to design and build several public program solutions under the Health Savings Act and Affordable Care Act. Prior to founding Solve.Care, Pradeep built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, INC500/5000 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. Pradeep was included in the 100 most promising entrepreneurs globally, complied by Goldman Sachs.


Dr. Christopher Metzler

Consultant and Strategist, The National Urban League

The National Urban League

Dr. Christopher Metzler is Consultant and Strategist for The National Urban League. He is alsoan expert in navigating uncertainty, as well as the reasons why unlikely people can often be thesource of our greatest new ideas. Dr. Metzler created the first program in the nation at CornellUniversity where he was a faculty member in DEI, Law and related disciplines. He also launchedthe Master’s degree in H.R. and Diversity at Georgetown University where was also on facultyand developed eight (8) Master’s Degrees. He frequently advises organizations on Board Governance and Compliance. In conjunction with Moth & Flame and National Urban League, he is redefining education and learning. Dr. Metzler provides strategic, policy and SEM support for global sustainability strategy, ESGreporting and ESG stakeholder engagement. He is a graduate of Columbia University inInternational Human Rights and The University of Oxford in Human Rights Law. He also hasdouble doctorates at Aberdeen.


Sara Rushinek, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Technology and Health Informatics, University of Miami

Avi Rushinek, Ph.D.

Professor of Accounting, University of Miami

Aidan McCarty

CEO, Unum ID

Unum ID

Aidan McCarty is a serial entrepreneur, a published scientist, and a Stanforddropout.Aidan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unum ID, the digital ID card network —backed by Tim Draper, Franklin Templeton, and Samsung. He was namedForbes 30 Under 30 in 2022 for his work at Unum ID.Prior to Unum ID Aidan studied Biochemistry at Stanford, finishing top 25 in hisclass and publishing 3 peer-reviewed papers. He dropped out in 2019 to foundUnum ID.Other organizations Aidan founded include:? Be Heard, a Political Tech startup featured in Fast Company, Gizmodo, theSkimm, and multiple local TV stations that empowers Americans to easilymessage elected officials at any level of government.? Trump Donald, a Super PAC that accepted donations to defeat Trump andautomatically passed the money on to support Biden each time Trumptweeted — of course replying directly to Trump each time.? ATP, an EdTech startup building K-12 curriculum into software modules forexperiential learning.


Philip Andreae

Senior Advisor, Voatz



Richard Gilchrist

CEO, WeGro Data

WeGro Data


Moderator List

Gerard Dache (Moderator)

Executive Director, Government Blockchain Association

Government Blockchain Association


Laura Pamatian (Moderator)

Founder, HeightZero Real Estate & Consulting

HeightZero Real Estate & Consulting

bio: past events:


Nikki Cabus (Moderator)

CEO, South Florida Tech Hub

South Florida Tech Hub


Rich Tehrani (Moderator)

CEO, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC


Rich Tehrani is the CEO and group Editor-In-Chief of TMC, as well as the Founder and Conference Chairman of ITEXPO, a leading technology trade show held twice each year. Rich oversees a diverse portfolio of successful technology magazines, web sites and trade events at TMC, which recently celebrated its 44th anniversary. Rich has guided TMC’s ascension and evolution from a print publishing and trade show company focused exclusively on voice/data convergence and computer telephony integration (CTI) markets, into a media powerhouse covering all of today’s most important technologies – Wireless/Mobile, Cloud Computing, IP Communications, IoT, and more. Rich is TMC’s driving force in the creation and implementation of pioneering publications and events. Since launching TMCnet in 1995, Rich has pioneered the development of more than 300 online communities of interest, revolutionizing the online world and changing the way companies leverage their brands online. Rich is a media icon, maintaining an active role as an Editor-In-Chief and a very prominent technology blogger/social media participant. TMC’s event and online platforms serve as an incubator for new concepts from the leading minds in the technology space. Rich launched and oversees the ITEXPO Franchise (which is in its 34th installment) – and is constantly adding collocated events by using his creativity and ability to launch synergistic conferences. Various collocated events include: CVx (ChannelVision Expo), IoT Evolution Conference & Expo, IDEA Showcase, and MSP Expo. Aside from his contributions to the online media world, Rich is an active and engaged philanthropist. He a member of the local JCC, a Board Member of the UCONN Engineering Department, and the engineer behind the future TMC Technology Center at a local Boys & Girls Club. This is all in addition to being an active and involved father and member of the community in Fairfield County, Connecticut where he lives with his wife and two daughters.