Speaker Schedule

Ivan Dimov

Chief Marketing Officer, American Crypto Academy

American Crypto Academy


Steve Van Lare

VP Engineering, Anjuna


Steve Van Lare is Vice President of Engineering at Anjuna, leaders in confidential computing software. He has 30years of experience in enterprise software, most recently serving as Vice President of Engineering at AutomationAnywhere. Previously, Steve held VP roles at 41st Parameter, a leader in fraud detection, as well as Oracle and AgileSoftware. He earned his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.


Michael Maniscalco

EVP of Technology, Applied Digital

Applied Digital

Michael Maniscalco is a recognized speaker and technology leader across numerous industries. Mr. Maniscalco is a serial entrepreneur with multiple startups and exits and previously served as an Entrepreneur In Residence with StanleyX. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Michael has been involved with software and network engineering for Fortune 1000 companies in the web3, IoT, financial, telecommunications, and healthcare industries for over 20 years.


Chris Carr

Co-Founder, Black Land Ownership

Black Land Ownership

My work is intentionally disruptive and confrontational and does not meet racist or sexist ideology where it is. I believe in providing teams and individuals with the vocabulary and language necessary to have challenging conversations in a productive manner, reconcile conflict that arises and provide information around awareness of cultural biases as well as tools to mitigate bias. My work is not performative and its not a checklist of what to say in order to sound “woke”. I start by surveying the overall structure of a company and the specific companys culture in order to work in custom fashion with each institution, group or community. I stay away from generic templates and instead create a custom made analytical survey and a solution-based problem-solving protocol that is uniquely suited to the company, institution or groups needs.


Eduardo Fonnegra

VP, Marekting, Bondex


Eduardo is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Bondex. Eduardo has worked in various spaces such as AI, Real Estate, Crowdfunding, and Blockchain & Crypto for over 3+ years. With a working experience with crowdcreate.us, a big name in the crowdfunding space, has successfully raised over 133 million dollars for various projects in the blockchain space. He is passionate about culture, sales, recruiting, and all of the other subtle human elements of business. Eduardo loves leading teams and delights in creating sophisticated technology solutions with an eye on design and user experience.


Kaitie Zhee



Kaitie Zhee is the founder and CEO of Web3 Cloud X, an advisory company accelerating the transition from legacy data storage solutions to the future of decentralized cloud storage using blockchain technology. Kaitie has spent the last several years building DAOs and serving in senior council positions. Prior to her work with DAOs, she founded one of the early blockchain marketing and communications agencies, Spacemade Media, where she’s worked with dozens of the blockchain industry’s leading open-source protocols, projects and entrepreneurs worldwide as well as some F500 companies and government agencies.


Mariana Danilovic

Managing Director , Infiom, LLC

Infiom, LLC

Mariana Founded and manages Infiom, a global consensus blockchain economy for creation of DeFi, NFTs, and Consensus Blockchain Ventures. Prior to Infiom, she was the Managing Director of BitAngels, the first crypto angel network formed in 2013 that invested in launch of Ethereum. She is an Advisor to SuperWorld, Open Therapeutics, Alysida Health, uPrime, and System9.Mariana was EVP Business Development for NTN Buzztime, Inc. (AMEX:NTN) and Head of Business Development, Content Aggregation and Programming for MediaZone, a broadband video company launched and owned by NASPERS Internet (largest investor in Tencent). Mariana also founded and directed the Digital Media Incubator at KPMG LLP. Portfolio companies raised angel investments from Michael Jackson, Beny Alagem, Al Copeland, IdeaLab, David Gefen, Brian Singer, Bob Daly, Jeff Pollack of Handprint Entertainment and John Gee, Executive Director of NASA Ames Research Incubator, and VC funding from Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia, Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Panasonic, and Chase Capital Partners.Mariana served on the New Media Board and serves on the International Committee of the Producers’ Guild of America and is a member of the Television Academy. Mariana served on the Board of the Tim Draper’s Zone Ventures Club and on the Mayor Riordan’s Digital Coast Roundtable.


Amelia Paro

Channel Chief, Kaseya


Amelia Paro is an award-winning speaker and experienced sales professional with over ten years in the technology industry in B2B and B2C environments. Past sales experience includes IT hardware/software and IT consulting and services. Amelia brings a wealth of experience from managing and growing a successful MSP in AZ and working with clients across the US in the financial sector, non-profits and unions, and Fortune 500 retail organizations. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by MSPs and has extensive experience with the development of strategies for fast-tracking ROI after adopting a new technology solution. Amelia experienced great success during her years with her MSP and is passionate about seeing Partners gain the same success and profitability. partners around the globe. list pays tribute to the below-the-radar best and brightest who power the channel every day. Amelia then went on to receive the prestigious 2022 Channel Chief award given by CRN to influential leaders who, through their dedication, industry stature and advocacy, continue to shape the IT landscape with innovative strategies, programs and partnerships. When not traveling to one Channel event after another, Amelia spends her time hiking the beautiful Arizona mountains, spoiling her dogs, and advocating for Animal Rescues, in the fight to abolish animal abuse and neglect forever.


Silvio Frank Pupo-Casco

Founder & CEO, Logos Capital

May Mahboob

Co-founder, MDB Financials

MDB Financials

Co-Founder of MBD Financials: Photorealistic, Decentralized Metaverse Business District. A Decentralized District That Empowers Individuals To Create Their Own Financial Eco System. Entrepreneur, Executive Leader, Innovator, Visionary, and Creator. A disruptor of systemic barriers of poverty, inequality, and segregation. Providing accessibility of resources, opportunities, financial inclusion through the use of emerging technology such as digital finance, cryptocurrency, web 3, metaverse, blockchain, and financial literacy.


Ranatto Garra

CTO and Co-founder, Nebulai

Piroune Balachandran

Co-Founder, Nodestar


Piroune is a Co-Founder at NodeStar, a Web3 Strategy & Advisory firm helping Web2 Brands leverage innovative Web3 solutions and supporting Web3 Startups with strategy, operations, business development, and fundraising. A 2x Founder in the E-Commerce and Fashion-Tech space, Piroune has 6+ of consulting experience with Cornerstone Research (NYC), advising Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, and government organizations. Active in crypto since 2018, Piroune advises Web3 startups on product, strategy, operations, and business development. He also writes and publishes blockchain-related research and insights, and his work has been featured in online publications.


John Dean Markunas

Principal Consultant, Power Chain Consultancy

Power Chain Consultancy

John Dean Markunas is a real estate industry blockchain advisor, strategist and business development consultant. He is the Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Global Consultancy LLC. Mr. Markunas’ work covers several distinct real estate sectors; property title insurance, transactional, cryptocurrency use, tokenization and land registry. He has been advising blockchain and real estate startups since 2017.


Jeff Stollman

Chief Scientist, RMTM


I develop solutions to difficult problems across a wide range of disciplines. Disciplines I work in include blockchain, sensors and robotics, business process engineering, federal business capture, strategic sourcing, cybersecurity, privacy and institutional change. In fact, it is the cross-fertilization that comes from this diversity, along with personal IP in the form of frameworks, processes and templates, that has prompted firms such as IBM, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Ford, and a wide array of federal agencies, including the Us Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community to retain me to solve some of their difficult problems. In the area of blockchain, I have developed enterprise tools for supply-chain integrity, scalable block validation to support millions of transactions per second, and a tool to prevent blockchain lock-in that also supports the Right to be Forgotten.


David Silver

Partner, Silver Miller

Silver Miller

David is also recognized as one of the leading lawyers in America representing victims of crooked and abusive cryptocurrency exchanges and fraudsters acting under the guise of being blockchain technology start-up businesses, helping investors who have been exploited after investing in digital assets such as bitcoin, Ether, and multiple alternative cryptocurrencies. In 2015, David was named lead Class Counsel in the litigation against now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy, where he led the effort in recovering for the Court-certified class of Cryptsy customers settlements and judgments valued in excess of $100 million. With additional class/group action lawsuits against Coinbase, Kraken, BitConnect, and other cryptocurrency exchanges and alt-coin promoters, David continues his fight for individuals aggrieved by exploited members of the cryptocurrency community.


Dr. Bryan Ritchie



Bryan Ritchie is the Chief Executive Office of Simba Chain, the API development platform to create decentralized and trustless apps to interface with smart contracts on multiple block chains. The company just raised its “A” round and is growing rapidly. More recently, Bryan was Notre Dame’s first vice president and associate provost for innovation, leading the University’s IDEA (Innovation, De-risking, and Enterprise Acceleration) Center, where he worked closely with deans, alumni, faculty, and students to commercialize intellectual property. Over 5 years he oversaw the formation of over 150 companies, was the general partner and chief investment officer for the Pit Road Fund, and was the founder of the IDEA Week entrepreneurship conference and celebration. Bryan has extensive experience in both industry and the academy. Before Notre Dame, he ran the venture capital firm GrowthSPORT. As president and CEO, he guided its investing activities, focusing primarily on seed-stage technology companies. He has formed multiple information technology companies of his own during his career and also held management positions with Century Software, Dayna Communications, IBM, Novell, IOMEGA, Megahertz, and 3Com. He has consulted for Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, Seagate, Verizon, Givaudan, and over 100 other companies. Ritchie also spent four years directing technology commercialization at the University of Utah, first as associate vice president for technology venture development and then as associate vice president for research. He oversaw more than 200 new startups, more than $700 million in investment and grants, an average of 90 licenses per year, and 90+ patents per year. Bryan is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and holds an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in political economy from Emory University. As a member of the faculty at Michigan State University, he rose from assistant to associate to full professor of political economy and was part of the core faculty of the Asian Studies Center. In addition, he served as director or co-director of two student entrepreneurship programs and as associate director for external strategy of the MSU BioEconomy Network, which coordinates the university’s initiatives to promote Michigan’s bioeconomy through research, policy and economic analysis, education, corporate and government collaborations, and commercialization. Fluent in Thai and conversant in several other Asian languages, Ritchie is the author of two books: Systemic Vulnerability and Sustainable Economic Growth: Skills and Upgrading in Southeast Asia and, with MSU’s Lindon Robison, Relationship Economics: The Social Capital Paradigm and its Application to Business, Politics, and Other Transactions.


Agustin Barbara

Managing Partner, The Crypto Lawyers

The Crypto Lawyers

Agustin M. Barbara is a managing partner at The Crypto Lawyers and actively assists the firm in handling a wide range of cryptocurrency and blockchain related matters and disputes, including issues with leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as deposit and withdrawal restrictions, account suspensions and terminations, chargebacks, and frozen assets. Agustin also helps represent victims of cryptocurrency scams, thefts, and frauds, by vigorously investigating and pursuing perpetrators in order to recover funds and shut down these often criminal organizations.In addition, as a registered patent attorney, Agustins practice involves securing and enforcing intellectual property rights for high profile clients, representing NFT issuers, artists, and NFT platform operators from start to finish, including the prosecution and protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, and related litigation.


Angelica Zolnierowicz

Attorney, The Wagoner Firm PLLC

The Wagoner Firm PLLC

Angelica Zolnierowicz is a Complex Litigation Attorney, licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, New York, North Carolina, and Maryland. Early in her career, Ms. Zolnierowicz developed a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and white-collar matters. As a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, she has spoken extensively about ways blockchain is becoming the method of choice for storing highly sensitive data and supply chain information, as crypto continues to change the face of commerce. Ms. Zolnierowicz received her LL.M in National Security Law with a Certificate in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution from Georgetown University Law Center. While at Georgetown, she was LL.M Editor of the Journal of National Security Law and Policy. Ms. Zolnierowicz was also selected to represent Georgetown, following clearance by the Department of Justice, to travel to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba to observe 9/11 military commission hearings. She was also the Deputy Director of Georgetown Law’s National Security Law Program. Ms. Zolnierowicz received her Juris Doctor from The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law. During her J.D. studies, Ms. Zolnierowicz received the competitive American Council for Polish Culture Scholarship to study international trade and business law at The Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Following the completion of this program, she was awarded a Certificate with distinction in Comparative and International Trade Law. Prior to law school, Ms. Zolnierowicz received a Master of Arts in International Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, both from Boston University.


Danny Jenkins

CEO, Threatlocker


Danny Jenkins, CEO & Co-Founder of ThreatLocker, a cybersecurity firm providing zero-trust endpoint security, is a leading cybersecurity expert with over two decades of experience building and securing corporate networks, including roles on red and blue teams. He is dedicated to educating industry professionals about the latest cyber threats and frequently speaks on the topics of ransomware and zero trust.


Rich Tehrani

CEO, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC


Rich Tehrani is the CEO and group Editor-In-Chief of TMC, as well as the Founder and Conference Chairman of ITEXPO, a leading technology trade show held twice each year. Rich oversees a diverse portfolio of successful technology magazines, web sites and trade events at TMC, which recently celebrated its 44th anniversary. Rich has guided TMC’s ascension and evolution from a print publishing and trade show company focused exclusively on voice/data convergence and computer telephony integration (CTI) markets, into a media powerhouse covering all of today’s most important technologies – Wireless/Mobile, Cloud Computing, IP Communications, IoT, and more. Rich is TMC’s driving force in the creation and implementation of pioneering publications and events. Since launching TMCnet in 1995, Rich has pioneered the development of more than 300 online communities of interest, revolutionizing the online world and changing the way companies leverage their brands online. Rich is a media icon, maintaining an active role as an Editor-In-Chief and a very prominent technology blogger/social media participant. TMC’s event and online platforms serve as an incubator for new concepts from the leading minds in the technology space. Rich launched and oversees the ITEXPO Franchise (which is in its 34th installment) – and is constantly adding collocated events by using his creativity and ability to launch synergistic conferences. Various collocated events include: CVx (ChannelVision Expo), IoT Evolution Conference & Expo, IDEA Showcase, and MSP Expo. Aside from his contributions to the online media world, Rich is an active and engaged philanthropist. He a member of the local JCC, a Board Member of the UCONN Engineering Department, and the engineer behind the future TMC Technology Center at a local Boys & Girls Club. This is all in addition to being an active and involved father and member of the community in Fairfield County, Connecticut where he lives with his wife and two daughters.


Jim Debald

Chief Revenue Officer, White Label Communications, LLC

Adryenn Ashley

NFT Community Designer & Technical Architect, Wow! Is Me, Inc.

Ricardo Vanegas

VP of Growth & Strategy, USA, Zeeve


For more than 20 years Ricardo has helped numerous organizations grow in domestic and international markets, that include, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia, covering a wide range of industries, technology, biotech, education, management consulting and consumer products. Ricardo has generated business annuities of over $100 Million dollars for startups, mid-size, and publicly traded companies. His emphasis in SaaS, MedTech, Blockchain and other technologies started during his MBA years at the University of California, Irvine, where he collaborated with the university’s incubator program, helping startups grow, create alliances and generate revenue. Ricardo’s success lies in his capacity to craft key strategic alliances for the companies he helps, focusing on the generation of value and serious ROI, all this with an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial approach that allows him to work on limited but efficient and effective resources.


Moderator List

Mostafa Razzak (Moderator)

CEO, JMR Connect